Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Event Christmas silveira kindegrten and preschool 11/29/2016

Went to an event that that my internship threw they had a concert at a local  church in portsmouth called st baranbis church in which alll three class sang to to three christmas songs. First the tolddlers sung jingle bells, then the  two nad three year olds sang must be santa,. Then the 4 and 5 year olds sang we three kings, away an the manjors. It was so cute to see all the kids sing even though mostly heard the adults singing. This relates to the article i just read for the class historical development of youth develpopment programs it speaks about helping children meet there poetentional and basic needs. Kids who depend on thier parents, orpahned children or children who have behaviroial problems. Just like the internship im in, but it differnt in the snese it teaches kids curriculim  material but it also teaches the kids basic things, like washing hads had to write color draw, cognitive skills, fone motor skills.
No picturees were allowed to be taken of their children there was no persmission slip out for that.

Christmas carols

Youth Skills


strinign it all together

I have learned how to be a greta leader i have learned ways to keep kids engaged by using ice breakers, and midfulness activities.  Youth devlopment is geared towards  areas in low income areas where children have single pareent family homes who may need a place to go while there parents are working youth spaces like ymca or the boys and girls club help  those parents in need. This article does help  me undertsnads why i chose this major because ,i do want to help the kids in lower income areas, who may not have the resources as a stduents in a wealthy area.
Youth development is a program in which youth workers help kids become great leaders through purposful play, mindfulness activities and homework help. Ways in which youth workers work in afterschool programs, before school programs, dcyf centers with kids. Yputh devlopment progarms are usualy nonprofit  such as YMCA, Boys and Girls clubs, Martin Luther king center, food banks.
Youth spaces