Sunday, September 11, 2016

YIA Model

In The article, A world where youth hold the power,  many different perspectives were presented. The Youth In Action program helped them have a voice and let their stories be told. These stories were all different but at the same time what every student was looking for was to be heard to make changes. For every student who attend YIA they all sais the same thing this program was a place where they can speak their minds, they feel that it is a safe community where they could be themselves and they knew no one would judge them. Every adult or teenager who goes attends YIA program brings something different to the table they are all their because they want to speak on various topics in which they would like to see change; for some it's speaking about equality for people of color, for others it religion, or equality for gay marriage.
I  feel the YIA model resonate with me as a youth, sometimes I feel like people judge or stereotype me when I am in a store because I am taking a while to pick out want; most of the time I get asked if I need help finding something and it bothers me. The YIA model helps with leading youth because it is there stage and platform to speak on their issues they would like to see changes in their community it a place they can feel safe. As Youth workers we need to make sure youth feel like the space they are in is safe environment in which they can speak freely;we need to help boost their confidence so they can become great leaders and help make their wants become a reality.


  1. Hi kyanna,
    I really like the closing statement in your blog post and I certainly agree with the idea that as youth workers we have the responsibility to create safe and open spaces in which youth can express their opinions. I think this a responsibility that is often forgotten by many youth organizations.

  2. Well said. I love that you pointed out that every person that works at YIA has their own personal story, which shaped them to become the leader they are presently. Their personal stories do display different voices of encouragement, and I did like how they kept it real. Also, thank you for sharing your own personal story. It looks like you have been positively influenced through this reading to make a change :)