Tuesday, September 6, 2016

charaterisitics of youth work

Youth work is  a social practice, in which youth workers give the students  social skill tools to help them be able to start conversations with their peers, way to get students comfortable with one another. Youth workers help encourage youth with personal, educational, and social development, enable them to find their voice and encourage them to be strong leaders.Youth work is also about changing inequality meaning making a platform for underrepresented youth  to  speak out on changes they would like to see be changed in their community; or what tools they need in order to make their community better as a whole. The majority of youth work is soley based in Welfare communities who are lower to poor class students who may not have acess to certain things because they can not afford them.
Some examples of my own experience of youth work, goes back to calcultt middle school this is a prime example that fits in to many of the characteristics of youth work. We worked with these kid in small groups on team building activities in which, they had to talk to their peers in order to complete their tasks which helped them break out of their shells. We used ice breaker games in which each of them had a values and meaning at the end we would ask them what they learned from the game. When they would tell us about an accomplishment, we would congratulate encourage them to keep on that good path because hard work comes success. These students at this middle school are a prime example of underrepresented minorities.
I also did  one my practicum at Robert L. Bailey elementary school in providence. Where I tutored kids in 3rd grade and we worked on their reading and math skills everyday. This kids were underrepresented as well this school was in a low income area. In this case I was tying to help them become  strong leaders but more focused in helping them become successful students.

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