Tuesday, October 25, 2016

context mapping

context mapping is a way to figure out who you are your interests, where you fit in and how you identify to things in your life, weather it be religion, groups, or friends to the clothing you wear. Antwon was testing Julian friendship to see if he was really down to prove he was one of his good friend by having him watch out for teachers so he could vandalize the bathroom walls. he also had him draw on the walls because he knew he had great drawing skills. That is a form of  peer pressure, a point in time where youth are trying to figure out what crowd they fight in sometimes they feel obligated to do what a friend tells them because they want to be cool and fit in.

Forced closed identity: when  person see things as one way only and doesn't expand their options due to limited experiences to different ways of viewing to do things.

Identity moratorium: when a person  curiously takes interest in roles, and belief, or relationships and behaviors but does not actually stick to them.

 Achieved identity: when a person finally finds their identity and who they are and want to be and they are highly proud of who they are who they chose to become.

My Context Map:

Family: My mom, my brother, my sister, my nana
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram: Family, friends, old high school teachers
College: Senior, Major YDEV, Concentration Youth and the Arts


  1. Hi Kyanna,
    I enjoyed reading your blog, I like how you related the incident with Juilan and his friend to peer pressure. Young people do encounter this often and they are usually victims of this. This is why as youth leaders ,we are here to encourage them to be leaders rather than followers.

  2. I agree with Marika on this one :) There are many kids who fall under peer pressure and give in so quickly to take the pressure off.

  3. I agree as well. Peer pressure and struggling with identity can be big issues for youth.

  4. Hi Kyanna,

    I too agree with the idea of peer pressure being a factor. Working with youth it is really important to implement the idea of everyone following their own ideas and gut feelings. Awesome job on the descriptions.

  5. Hi Kyanna, thanks for posting! I really like what you had to say and thought that it was very well written. Thank you for writing out your context map, I think that is a great example, especially for modeling for youth. Some youth may not have a great sense of creativity and would just like to write words to express their ideas. Keep up the good work!

    Take care, Megan