Thursday, October 6, 2016


My ideology was  risk, resiliency and prevention based on this survey it says I am going to be a youth worker that is going to be their to protect children from negative, I am going to help encourage youth to talk about problems going on in their communities come up with ideas to change the communities. Although this survey said this is the type of youth worker I will be I don't  agree with everything it said. I do want youth to have a space where they can talk about the things that they would like to see in the community change. When it say that we are trying to be problem solvers. me personally i guess it is a little problem solving by trying to come up with ideas to better the communities but at the same time in not trying to change the students in the community.   I am  an advocate to them and giving them skills and tools they need to create better communities.  As a youth worker I want to encourage them to be the best they can be and give them tools and knowledge to do that I also want them to have a platform where they lead but I also I lead with them so it is equal.

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