Tuesday, November 15, 2016

center for reslience

Center for resilience is  great program that teaches skills to students who may be struggling academically who may have a hard time paying attention, or are hyper in class.it gives them the skills and tools they need in order to be successful students and leader in the classroom. Some of the students they showed had a hard time or were mean and bullies and after they used some of these techniques they became better leaders. I think by using techniques like this to how students there is different ways to take out your anger or stress by deep breathing activities making water globes with glitter, making stress balls. I think this is a program that should be introduced to more schools all around.
Stress management Anger Management activities


  1. Hey Kyanna! I wonder if we had similar programs like this in my high school, that some students would be on a better trail, back then, in life :/

  2. Kyanna, I'd imagine if most high schools had programs like this then the state would have a higher graduation rate. Great Points!

  3. Hi Kyanna, I liked your post. I like the activities you mentioned. I am really excited about our activity tomorrow!
    Take care,

  4. Hi Kyanna!
    I think it's awesome how you linked some Stress Management and Anger management activities. These methods are at the root of how the program offers services to our youth and educators, and could benefit youth workers themselves.