Thursday, November 3, 2016

president of RIC speech in Alger 110 / Event 1

During the president speech it was set up like a question and answer he would allow students to ask the questions then he would answer. Some of the major themes and topics that students raised concern to were having more parking spaces for people who commute back and forth to school because there are non and commuters end up leaving there house an hour early to find a parking spot they don't end up finding one the they end up 10 minutes late to class. Another big topic was about not having enough advertisement for what The school represent they are known for their teaching program but students felt like it isn't advertised enough.  Also being inclusive with students who may be are of the LGBTQI community there was concern from a student about not having enough gender neutral bathrooms for people to use. A major topic was making teachers aware of students with learning disabilities giving them training on how to better work with them during the class time without breaching that students confidentiality. Finding a convenient location where all students who need extra time can go and instead having to walk on the other side of campus to do their tests. last big topic discussed was inclusiveness with student parents there a concern about not enough events that specially include bring your family on the flyer it makes student parents unwelcome and uncomerftable to go to events. I think the president did  a very good job responding to each individual students concern he kept saying they are in the process of looking at each individual issue they have a massive strategic plan they are now creating in order to get the changes into effect. I believe there will be change because he does seem to really care about making a great community on campus. This kind  reminds me Of youth In action where every students wants their voice to be heard and their concerns to be addressed and changed; just like the students at youth in action they go to the program because it a safe space where they can engage in conversation with their peers about concern in their community that they may want to see changed.  

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